Early childhood educators can build on knowledge of child development and understanding of how their space, toys and activities can expand children’s ability to learn and grow. Specifically, this workshop will demonstrate how the environment and activities can help support children’s sensory and emotional regulation.

Learning Outcomes: Early Childhood Educators will have a greater knowledge, understanding and awareness of:

  • the neuroscience of sensory processing and how this contributes to sensory and emotional regulation
  • sensory processing needs and how this may differ or relate to a child’s sensory processing needs and impact attachment relationship
  • how the physical environment can be adapted to support regulation
  • tools that can be used to support child regulation and readiness to learn/play
  • the system of supports for children who have difficulty with sensory processing and emotional regulation
  • Children will be better supported in daycares and preschools.

Certificate of Participation for 2.0 hours upon completion.

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